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Alyaka is a fresh destination for discovering niche beauty brands worldwide. New, unique, passionate, and alluring, describe Alyaka.
Globalization, mass production, and industries of luxury are quickly, and effectively, killing off the creative and unique nature of beauty, replacing it with a cookie-cutter of what they believe beauty should be. Around the world is a rapid decrease of generations-old artisan skills, abilities, and creative solutions that would bring classic brands into the future. We are losing our uniqueness – what makes beauty ours.

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  • Cuir de Nacre Extrait de Parfum

    Cuir de Nacre Extrait de Parfum 60 ml by Ann Gerard The Cuir de Nacre Extrait de Parfum by Ann Gerard is a magical, mystical, mysterious blend of soft sandalwood, white musks, and angelica root. It’s a combination that captures and enhances your natural, beautiful allure. With a subtly powdery, metallic dusting, Cuir de Nacre […]

  • Ambre Premier Eau de Parfum, Jovoy, women, beauty, perfume, alyaka Ambre Premier Eau de Parfum

    Ambre Premier Eau de Parfum 50 ml by Jovoy The Ambre Premier Eau de Parfum by Jovoy is a beautifully handcrafted perfume that plays to perfection the fragrances of nature. Gentle undertones of patchouli add an innate springtime freshness without cloying texture. It is notably uplifting, sensuous, and welcoming with lilting overtones of warm vanilla […]

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