Camp Waterlogg Halloween Party (audiobook)

Camp Waterlogg Halloween Party

The Camp Waterlogg Halloween Party

In The Camp Waterlogg Halloween Party, Ellis and Elise are installing security cameras around Camp Waterlogg. Andy and Lkie enjoy spooky stories by the guests of Ranger Joe and Lories pre-Halloween party. Meanwhile, Sgt. Lefty and Olive Pitts meet the camps new dog Sophie. Its Halloween when Mrs. Terrwilliger, Sgt. Lefty and Olive Pitts think the camp is haunted by the ghost of Pierre Terrwilliger. However, it is really Ellis and Elise accidentally playing his last will video over the camps new security system. Meanwhile, Andy and Lkie get spooky stories instead of candy for trick or treat. Husband and wife team Joe Bev and Kellogg not only produce, direct and write the weekly comedy hour, except for guest star Fred Frees, they improvised all the characters voices, including four the radio cartoons: Waking Nightmare, The Evil Goblins, The Crashed Martian, and The Creature in the Attic by Pedro Pablo Sacristan.

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