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Marvel Legacy 29-Comic Bundle and Sale

Things From Another World offers over 30,000 pop culture products, with thousands of comics, toys, statues, apparel, graphic novels and other associated collectibles. They carry a huge variety of popular entertainment products from hundreds of manufacturers, including DC Direct, Dark Horse, Hasbro, McFarlane, Marvel, Tokyopop, Master Replicas, Disney and many more. Things From Another World also carries the full Diamond Comic Distributors catalog with thousands of new advance order products every month.

Some of their most popular product lines include: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy, Justice League, The Simpsons, Dark Tower, Watchmen, Star Wars, Batman, X-Men, Superman and Spider-man. With product offerings like this, they have something for nearly everyone.

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Dilbert Gets Re-Accommodated

Dilbert Gets Re Accommodated, dilbert, graphic novel, things from another world, office, comic

Dilbert Gets Re-Accommodated Graphic Novel When confronted by unjust systems of corporate domination, whenever and wherever they may be, Dilbert gets re-accommodated. The legendary gang of coworkers is back for more unprofessional development, jargon freestyle, and elaborate work-avoidance schemes. Management fudges the line between stupidity and illegality. Promising new coffee warmer/phone charger technologies abound. And […]

Spider-Man 18 (2016 series)

Spider-Man 18 (2016 series) Spider-Man discovers that Hammerhead isn’t very funny after all. The New York City crime-land gang war is heating up, and Miles is getting involed a little too much. This won’t end well. Publisher: Marvel Comics Issue Date: July 05, 2017 Cover Price: $3.99 USD Your Price: $3.59 (USD) You Save: $0.40

Garfield and Co Mother Garfield #6

Garfield and Co Mother Garfield, garfield, graphic novel, things from another world, cartoon, comic

Garfield and Co Mother Garfield #6 (Graphic Novel) In Garfield and Co Mother Garfield #6 Hunting birds is something Garfield’s never had any interest in. But when he finds a nest full of abandoned eggs, Garfield puts his pride aside and decides to help them hatch. Harry, the stray cat from down the block, would […]

Spider-man 19 (2016 series)

Spider-man 19, 2016 series, marvel, comic

Spider-man 19 (2016 series) In Spider-man 19, Miles has been wrestling with some inner demons and losing. Has he gone so far into the dark that he can no longer find his way back into the light? Publisher: Marvel Comics Issue Date: August 02, 2017 Cover Price: $3.99 USD Your Price: $3.19 USD You Save: […]

Garfield Show – Unfair Weather #01

Garfield Show Unfair Weather, garfield, graphic novel, comic, cartoon

Garfield Show Unfair Weather #01 Graphic Novel It’s a camp cat-astrophe for Garfield in Garfield Show Unfair Weather, as nature does its worst! Jon, Garfield, Odie, and Minerva decide to escape the sweltering heat wave in the city by going camping in the forest. But once they make camp, they experience a year’s worth of […]

DC Super Heroes Man of Steel Man of Gold

DC Super Heroes Man of Steel Man of Gold In this issue of DC Super Heroes Man of Steel Man of Gold. Again and again, Booster Gold conveniently beats Superman to the punch in stopping the villains and saving the day, making the Man of Steel wonder if this new hero is as all glitter […]

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