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  • Exercises for Perfect Posture, ebook, health, wellbeing, nonfiction Exercises for Perfect Posture (ebook)

    Exercises for Perfect Posture Exercises for Perfect Posture is the complete guide to achieving healthy posture. Provides everything from fitness programs and exercises designed to realign your spine and strengthen your shoulders, neck and back. In addition, Exercises for Perfect Posture guides you on how to redesign your work space to be more ergonomic. Good […]

  • metapox, fiction, literature, ebook Metapox (ebook)

    Metapox #1 SPECIAL HALF PRICE OFFER on Metapox 1 & Metapox 2 – until August 31st “Metapox is the new Orange.” A new series of satirical thrillers in which the not-so-usual suspects take a rabbit hole into a dark Alice-In-Wonderland world of espionage and political reality. Not for the faint-hearted- Help Lyme Disease Research: it’s […]

  • Benjamin Franklin Autobiography (eBook)

    Benjamin Franklin Autobiography In the Benjamin Franklin Autobiography, the life story of one of the most important figures in American history is recounted. Franklin was more than just a founding father of the country; he was also a prolific writer, tradesman, scientist, diplomat, and philosopher. His autobiography tells the story of his life beginning from […]

  • funny boy adventures, ebook, fiction, hilarious Funny Boy Adventures (eBook)

    The Funny Boy Adventures – 4 Hilarious Books in 1 The Funny Boy Adventures is a special four-in-one edition of Dan Gutman’s hilarious and delightful Funny Boy series. In Funny Boy Meets the Airsick Alien from Andromeda, Funny Boy is a smart-aleck from the planet Crouton with the galaxy’s best sense of humor. He shoots […]



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